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Resources general

Resources analytical Environment Emergency
  • EmergencyNet Information, Analysis and Coverage of Disasters and Major Emergency Events
  • OECD's  Work on Chemical Accidents: Prevention, Preparedness and Response
  • CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • linx to emergency related WWW Sites
  • CEPPO Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office Tons of downloads! EPA's CEPPO provides leadership, advocacy, and assistance to: Prevent and prepare for chemical emergencies; Respond to environmental crises; and Inform the public about chemical hazards in their community.
  • Analytical Task Force Organisation of an ATF, Ruggedized analytical and technical eqipment, Strategies, Expert system for on-site disaster management
  • Elsevier Science (USA, Europe) Table of Contents, Publisher of e.g.:
  • ContentsDirect -- the free republication contents providing: Journal Title, Volume and Issue Number, Issue Publication Date, Article Title and Author Names
  • ACS journals, ToC, flutist only for subscribers, Publisher of e.g.:
  • Environmental Science &Technology, Analytical Chemistry
  • Springer-Verlag Watch out: Fulltext articles in pdf, abstracts and supplements
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry full text articles for registered users. Register the IP addresses of a site that has valid, free on-line access to RSC periodicals and databases, i.e. a site at which a full-rate institutional print/on-line subscription is received. The Analyst, Analytical Communications
  • Wiley You need to agree to Wiley's Terms of Service, fill out a registration form, and choose a login name and password.
  • Academic Press: Chemistry
  • European Mass Spectrometry Abstracts from all issues are available in HTML format. subscription consisting of the printed journal and access to the on-line journal, and a web-only subscription for half the price
  • American Institute of Physics Tables of Contents (and abstracts for some journals) are available for browsing by all users. Downloading of full-text articles requires a subscription to the publication.
  • Science & Technology Review (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • IDEAL, online scientific journal library (175 journals) ToC for guests. Guest access has been restricted to evenings and weekends.
  • Chemical On-line Presentations at the Imperial College. You are invited to contribute the URL of any chemically orientated talk, poster or workshop presentation that you have made or will make to an audience.
  • Electronic Conferences on Trends in Organic Chemistry (a variety of "helper" programs for viewing molecules)
  • ACS The American Chemical Society, CSC Canadian Society for Chemistry, RSC Royal Society of Chemistry,
  • GDCh  Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, VCI Verband der Chemischen Industrie, DECHEMA e.V. Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chemisches Apparatewesen, Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie
  • PittCon Pitt sburgh Con ference on Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy.
  • AOAC International (formerly the Association of Official Analytical Chemists)
  • Eastern Analytical Symposium
  • IUPACInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • SAS Society for Applied Spectroscopy (FTIR,IR)
  • NAS, NAE, IOM and NRC National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council
Interesting And last not least
  • WMA Airsense Analytics: electronic nose, sensors, on-site GC/MS
  • ecb-ONLINE-Analytik - material testing, LC/MS, GC/MS

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